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And raise funds for your own organisation or a charity of your choice

Access to finance is one of the biggest challenges facing our Ugandan business women however we appreciate it’s an issue that affects our fellow entrepreneurs, NGOs and filmmakers across the globe.  So, true to our commitment to trade not aid, we are offering any individual/organisation who hosts the Barefoot in Business Distrify player (see below) on their website and secures a minimum of 500 sales a 20% share (or £1) of every £5 film sold.


(We hear you cry)

  1. You buy your individual download or organizational screening license and select the 'I want to become a Barefoot Ambassador' option at check out
  2. We send you your exclusive copy of the film along with the HTML code to embed the Barefoot in Business Distrify Player on your website wherever you like
  3. Equipped with the Barefoot in Business Embed, you’ll then be able to promote the campaign across your networks and invite everyone you know to view the trailer and buy the film directly through your website
  4. Using our online distributor Distrify's genius technology we track all sales generated through your website back to you and, as soon as you hit the all important 500 sales mark we'll give you a whooping £1 for every £5 purchase!

the barefoot In Business embed

* Please note the £6 quoted on the Distrify player is inclusive of VAT tax.