Carol Cooke


As an entrepreneur myself, I've always been fascinated by what life is like for my fellow business women around the world. So originally, the plan for Barefoot was for me to go to Uganda, capture the Female Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and then move on to my next project. However, like so may plans in entrepreneurship it didn't quite work out that way.  

I set up Scrumptious back in 2010 with big ambitions of changing the world one film at a time but with absolutely no business experience.  I figured how hard can it be?  Oh the naivety... I didn't go to Business School so these women and this project have been my education in entrepreneurship. I have learned so much from them and, through this documentary I've highlighted the frustratingly simple challenges that stand between them and their business dreams. So by the time we finished filming it didn't feel right just to say goodbye and good luck! 

It especially didn't make sense to do this when there was such a strong desire amongst everyone who watched the film to help support these entrepreneurs and provide the solutions to each of the obstacles they face.  These are challenges such as helping Grace break into the US market; linking Nellie with existing training and funding opportunities in Uganda; and finding an engineer here in the UK to help create a new, first of its kind 'straw pressing' machine for Benedicta and her straw bag business.

These are all things that I am proud to say that I have helped make happen over the past 5 years as I've developed the Barefoot campaign. And if this is what one overexcitable filmmaker from Glasgow on a minimal (and at most points non existent) budget can achieve just imagine what impact we can have when we all mobilise millions of women from around the world and unite on the new Barefoot in Business marketplace.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  Do you mean business?