So what now? 

I just purchased a bag, what happens next?

Congratulations, your purchase has helped to transform life for a Ugandan female entrepreneur and her family! 

The first Barefoot in Business Collection will go into production at the beginning of January 2018. Once we have received all the orders, the kitenge fabric will be chosen for you to select from and then production will begin. 

When do I choose my fabric? 

Kitenge fabric comes in thousands of colours and patterns. We are currently narrowing the selection down to five favourites. We will notify you in January about which fabrics are available and you can then decide which one(s) you thing works best for your selected item(s). 

When will I receive my item?

You will receive your item by 8 March 2018 to coincide with International Women's Day. 

Why can't I get it sooner?

The Barefoot in Business philosophy is trade not aid. It's the opposite of fast fashion, these items aren't made in a sweatshop, they are made to order by highly skilled women. We want your purchases to help to build a sustainable business in Uganda which means taking a bit of time to produce the goods, develop the product ranges and get them to the international market.

Barefoot in Business is also a celebration of women and female entrepreneurship and we think that timing it to coincide with International Women's Day is a great way to promote this. 

What if I'm not satisfied with my items?

We want you to love your purchase as much as we do, but we understand that mistakes happens and things change. Please refer to our Returns Page for more information about how to arrange a refund. 

How does the Barefoot in Business Model actually work? 

The Barefoot in Business model is a three phase process: 

Phase 1: We identify small groups of female entrepreneurs working across fashion, textiles, arts and crafts to feature in the Barefoot Marketplace. Each business is assessed on their needs and ambitions and then "matchmade" with the relevant training, support and mentoring to get them market ready. 

Phase 2: The Barefoot collection is launched, comprising of the best items from each of the businesses. The collection(s) feature on this website and are purchased by wonderful people like you. All proceeds from sales are used to develop the businesses and marketplace. As the marketplace develops, more female entrepreneurs are selected to take part. Those already participating are able to develop their ranges and are linked up with our growing community of angel investors. The women that take part use the experience and training they have gained through the process to help to train other women, building a strong marketplace from grassroots.  

Phase 3: As demand for the products grows, we continue to empower female entrepreneurs across Uganda. We then identify the country to bring the Barefoot model to and begin the process all over again!

Do you have any physical shops?

All products from the Barefoot in Business range are available exclusively to purchase on this website. If you are an independent retailer and interested in stocking the items, please contact us separately on

When will the "Coming Soon" items be available to buy?

We're very excited about the incredible range of products that the women produce and we think you will be too. The second collection, which will include the Kimono and laptop bag, will be available in Spring 2018, once the marketplace is well and truly up and running. Profits from the first collection sales will fund development and production of the second collection. 

How do I become an angel investor?

We would love to hear from anyone interested in taking their support of the Barefoot in Business campaign further. A prospectus for potential investors will be available in early 2018. Please contact for more information. 

Can I volunteer?

We are very interested in hearing from anyone who has set up their own business or has experience more generally in all aspects of commercial operations. If you would like to devote your time and expertise to supporting, training or mentoring the women, please drop us a line: and we can discuss it further. 

How do I watch the film?

You can buy a copy of the film as a digital download for £5 plus VAT by going the Shop Page. 

I just purchased the film, what next? 

After you purchase the film, look out for your confirmation from In it you'll receive additional instructions along with your own embed link.

From there, you will need to be able to edit the HTML of your website (or ask your website administrator to do this if you don't know how). 

All you have to do is copy the embed code from your confirmation email (or take it directly from the trailer on the website) and paste directly into your HTML editor. Save it and you're all set to go! 

        How do I watch my download?

After you have made a purchase, either with your credit card or via Paypal, you will be emailed a log-in link.

Please keep this link safe and secure as you need to use it any time you wish to access your download. We recommend always downloading on a stable internet connection and making sure there is enough memory on your device before starting off. If you are having trouble downloading with Internet Explorer, please try installing Firefox or Chrome and then navigate back to the download link with one of those browsers. Some users have problems with security settings on Internet Explorer. Please also make sure your computer has enough free space to store the download and the option of the sleep function has been turned off.

Please note that you have 30 days from purchase to download the film, you'll have up to two attempts. After this time your link will expire.

How do I share the Barefoot in Business film?                                                                                                                           

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To share your link:

1. Go to 'Content'

2. Settings

3. Go to your video player click share

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If you want to share on your Facebook Timeline, simply share the short URL for the video. Click the Share icon in the top-right of the player and then choose Facebook Icon.

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