Director's Statement

As a business women myself I am passionate about this project and want it to be a much more than just a one off film but instead a global campaign which presents an alternative and empowering portrait of Africa - a world away aid and Aids - by showcasing the incredible attitudes and enterprises of these female entrepreneurs and, hopefully in turn, uniting them with customers, mentors and investors from across the UK and beyond.  

After all, this is a country where just over 40% of businesses are owned by women.  And yet just 7% of all credit is allocated to them.  However in spite of this Uganda is home to some of the most determined and inspiring business women on the planet - who are putting so called ‘hard working’ business women like me here in the Western world to shame on a daily basis…

This is about trade NOT aid and you’ll see from the film these women aren’t asking for your sympathy or hand outs.  They’re simply asking to be taken seriously and given a level playing field to show the world what they’re capable of.