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who wants to change the worLd todaY?

Barefoot in Business is a groundbreaking documentary campaign showcasing the work of female entrepreneurs across Uganda and creating a new online marketplace where you can buy their products and help bring their big ambitions to life. 

This is about trade not aid and these women mean business. The question is, do you? To get involved today, simply buy your copy of the Barefoot In Business documentary, learn from "the most entrepreneurial" women in the world and let's get trading!


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Meet the entrepreneurs

“To be a successful business woman you have to be patient”

— Benedicta Nanyonga, CEO Kinawataka Straw Bags

“When you empower a woman you empower the world”

— Nellie Ssali, MD Makika Stylz

“Thanks to Barefoot in Business the sky is going to be the limit for me and my company!”

— Grace Byeitima, Founder Mbabzi House of Style

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This is not just about Uganda

This is about confronting inequality in enterprise across the globe. Uganda is "the most entrepreneurial" country in the world and it's where our Barefoot journey began. However this is just the beginning. By showcasing the stories of these truly inspiring African entrepreneurs we plan to empower women worldwide and create a unique online community where we can trade, interact and invest in each other.



In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Join with us to do our part in fighting for our rights. 


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