True to our commitment to trade not aid, one third of all profits from this project will go directly to a new Barefoot in Business Support & Investment Fund which we have developed with our partners Investing Women, Challenges Worldwide and the Uganda Women’s Entrepreneur Association (UWEAL).

So much more than just money, this on-going business development programme will provide a unique platform for business women of all ages and occupations across Uganda to access the necessary knowledge and networks to turn their big ambitions into reality.

Challenges Worldwide

Challenges Worldwide is an award winning international social enterprise, headquartered in Scotland. It is our aim to convene a cutting edge, market-lead approach that is able to drive community self reliance in developing countries. We know that improving the situation of women in markets not only improves their lives – and the lives of their families – but also grows the economy. As well as aiming to inspire women around the world, BAREFOOT IN BUSINESS sets out to redefine Africa, showcasing the real story of how an individual hunger for enterprise and growth can catalyse collective change.

Challenges Worldwide has been delighted to partner with Scrumptious Productions, proving this on the ground in Uganda, a country that sees 40% of businesses being women-owned. By helping to practically realise the ambitions of the women featured in this ground-breaking film, Challenges becomes a critical part of their journey towards achieving their business dreams.  

Challenges Worldwide does this by offering business support, placing enterprise volunteers from Uganda and the UK into these women-led growth enterprises. At the same time, this access to expertise is complemented by access to finance opportunities provided by another part of the Challenges Group. As fund managers, Challenges Capital effectively disburse and support any monies raised around the BAREFOOT IN BUSINESS initiative.

For more information about Challenges Worldwide or the Challenges Group as a whole, please contact Together we can drive economic growth.